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Twist has a problem. His Newark, New Jersey neighborhood is under siege in a bloody turf war that has spun out of control, and he is caught in the middle.  In a landscape filled with desperation, anger and futility, there are only violent choices and one of them is Twist's: as one of the leaders of the Skulls, he is the architect of his gang's decision to kidnap an organized crime mobster in a last-ditch attempt to end the war.  But the plan doesn't turn out as expected.

When negotiations deteriorate and the violence escalates, the only recourse left is the execution of the hostage.  As a volatile situation grows more explosive by the hour, the lines between right and wrong blur.  And for Twist, resolution comes with a price.

Still Black Remains captures the struggle to realize the American Dream against a violent backdrop, when the only choices are to do whatever it takes - and through any means possible.

What reviewers are saying:


Offbeat, daring, and convincingly original, Still Black Remains proves a nerve-rattling read in the best of ways with moments in Michaels’ narrative that are absolutely chilling. As an engrossing read, it really is quite irresistible and it’s clear from the start that Michaels has a gift for developing insightfully nuanced dialogue. Most books, even well-known bestsellers, are quickly forgotten when we return to the real world but not this one as Michaels pens a sharp and visceral urban tale that’s wrought with social insight. On this level alone there’s reason enough to begin reading with the mood of his characters lingering long after the last page is turned. They are simultaneously engrossing and repellent but where he ultimately makes his mark is with his ability to make us understand Twist’s feelings. This brings a presence and stability that underpins the whole narrative whilst offering us a glimpse of a struggle few of us will ever know beyond the realms of fiction.

Powerful and thought provoking, contemporary fiction, Still Black Remains demands to be read and marks Michaels as an author to keep a close eye on. It is recommended without reservation.


"To turn or change shape under torsion." That's one of the ways Merriam-Webster defines 'twist'. It's also an apt name for the main protagonist in Kevin Michael's latest book...Michaels does a good job with setting a scene and using the kind of detail that paints a clear picture of Twist's environment. It is in its third act that Still Black Remains comes alive. The action is well done, to the point but visceral and complete.

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